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Century Tube LLC
4004 N. US 421
Madison, IN 47250

(812) 265-9255

instrument panel tubes

In-house laboratory for testing of the product from coil receipt to the final customer part. Century Tube is a TS Certified tube manufacting facility.

Based in southern Indiana, we are centrally located to service a wide range of Midwestern and Southern states.

 Typical automotive applications:

Instrument Panel supports, engine cradles, ISOFIX tubes, seat frames, braces, cross member supports, decklid hinges, torsion bars, and trailing arms.

Door impact beams (D.I.B.) continue to be a core product and represent our largest single product line.

 Typical non-automotive applications:

Tubes for roller conveyors, scaffolding, racking, lawn and garden implements, exercise equipment, garage torsion bars, farm equipment and confinement.

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Steel Tubing Manufacturer Century Tube

 Tubing Supplier

Century Tube’s focus is high quality welded steel tubing in carbon grades for automotive and other mechanical and structural applications. We produce rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals and other special welded shapes of mechanical steel tubing. We can work with your engineers to design just the right size and grade.

  • Proven supplier of induction heat treated tubes for automotive applications.
  • Specialist in producing tubes for door impact beams (D.I.B).

Whether Century heat treats or the customer does, Century Tube understands the special needs of this product. Our tubes are produced and tested to rigorous quality standards to assure a product that meets the final engineered requirements. The majority of the automotive tubes we manufacture are designed and approved for applications directly related to the safety of the vehicles’ drivers and passengers.

Since 1993 Century Tube has produced over 300 million door impact tubes that protect passengers in Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Subaru, Nissan and Mitsubishi vehicles.